Comments on Robert Mitchell's Art

Katie Dyer, Gallery Manager / Curator 'Lines of Fire' Exhibition, National Art School, Sydney:

"Thank you for sharing this project with us in such a whole-hearted way. It has been terrific to get to know you and I really appreciate your support in helping us with research and securing loans...all which go to making a substantial exhibition."

Tony Geddes, Director, Mosman Art Gallery:

"On viewing Mitchell's works, I was struck by his acute understanding of colour and composition, and his flare for bold gestures, dramatic rhythms, and textured surfaces. Furthermore, his ability to hold these highly active elements in a state of harmony and balance, without sacrificing tension, is a clear sign that Mitchell is indeed an exceptional artist."

Renee Free, Senior Curator of European Art, Art Gallery of NSW 1966 - 1996:

"If I didn't think Bob's work was created from deep experience leading him to invent an original and brilliant style, I wouldn't have become involved."

Frank Watters, Director, Watters Gallery, Sydney:

"I really like the works of Robert Mitchell and can very much appreciate the skill that went into their production. Mitchell's work is not really related to other Australian  artists' work and stands alone."

Ursula Sullivan, Director, Sullivan + Strumpf Fine Art, Sydney:

“It would be great to see an academic study, for a example a biography or a monograph, produced of Robert Mitchell’s work in order to provide it with the necessary context. Clearly, the work is good and has already received several stamps of approval from many respected industry professionals. Both Mitchell’s life and his work are very interesting.”

Ken Done, Artist, Sydney:

"When  I first saw the work of Bob Mitchell, I was thrilled and excited to see such wonderful, sophisticated use of collage and deep thoughtful understanding of colour. The really sad thing is, most Australians would not have known of this brilliant man's work during his lifetime. I am sure he had deep and fulfilling pleasure in creating these works and I hope in the future his work receives the attention it deserves."

Therese Kenyon, Director, Manly Art Gallery and Museum:

"I am impressed with the quality of Robert Mitchell's art; it is very interesting and quite extraordinary.
The relation to the design side is clearly visible. I especially appreciate the technique and texture of the works, with the explosion of colours and yet balanced composition."

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